Kedar Teaches Coding

Jpeg Little Code Ninja is a mom-and-son team that aims to make coding accessible to young kids. Uma and her six-year-old son, Kedar began their organization when they discovered Scratch programming and Kedar found a passion.  Scratch is a programming language where children can program and share their creations with people from all over the world.  Little Code Ninja wants to teach both kids and parents how to have fun with code.  They create many fun-filled videos and activities which tell a story with coding weaved right in. Kids are mastering tablets and smart phones very quickly, and are gaining logistical and tactile skills by playing games on these devices.  Uma believes this can be a great base for expanding and tuning these skills, making coding a fun activity for many kids.

At the Maker Faire Silver Spring, Uma wants to let kids explore the world or coding and perhaps find a passion like her own son did.  At previous faires, some kids wanted to try their own code and modified characters while others enjoyed following along with a lesson they provided.  Kedar loves to teach coding, so don't be surprised if he is the one showing you the ropes this September 20th.