Why Encourage Your Kids To Make?

- Guest blog by Activity Rocket -

Ask any kid if they love “show and tell” and a big smile will emerge on their faces. The maker community unites DIYers, tinkerers, hobbyists, scientists, artists, crafters and anyone who is curious, who loves learning, and who enjoys sharing in a big show and tell! We encourage our kids to participate in team sports, play an instrument, and learn a second language. In today’s society, we should be encouraging them to MAKE. Here’s why:

Making, creating and inventing is a great way to release an inner scientist, encourage a closet artist, or just explore a new hobby. With so many over-scheduled kids participating in highly structured activities, making is an opportunity to freely explore interests and passions at a self-directed pace.

The maker community is open to all. Makers can range in age from young children to older adults and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. What unites them is their passion for their creative pursuits and their drive to celebrate individuality and resourcefulness.

Sunday’s Maker Faire is a great opportunity to introduce the kids in your life to the joy of “making.” By making something they are passionate about and then sharing it with others, young people are building life-long communication skills and gaining self-confidence. Makers are our future scientists, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs – come out on Sunday to engage your kids in becoming the makers of tomorrow!

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