Meet Our Youngest Maker

Hi, I’m Mary, Corbin’s mom.  Corbin is a young maker – a very young maker.  He’s five years old.  Corbin has been building things since he was a toddler.  We call him the Engineer – he has an eager, questioning mind with big ideas.  He says when he grows up he wants to “build stuff like buildings or robots.”  He also wants to be an astronaut, so we’ll see. 

Corbin’s project is all about water pressure.  He designed a complex system of tubing, connectors, check valve, and a sprinkler all powered by a hand pump.  It may look rather simplistic to older makers, but at its core it’s a project of exploration:  of hands-on questioning about how things work.  His system is interchangeable so that it can be redesigned and adjusted to get the desired result (which is the best, strongest sprinkler possible!)

I helped Corbin submit his project to the Maker Faire because he is so proud of it and he wanted to share it with other kids.  He’s bringing lots of components so that other young makers can design their own system and test it out too.  He just might be the youngest maker there but that’s not stopping him!